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The Thinnest Air

3.901,482 votes • 148 reviews
Published 01 Jul 2018
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Format Kindle Edition
Publisher Thomas & Mercer

A woman’s disappearance exposes a life of secrets in a twisting novel of psychological suspense from the author of The Memory Watcher.
Meredith Price is the luckiest woman alive. Her husband, Andrew, is a charming and successful financial broker. She has two lovely stepchildren and is living in affluence in a mountain resort town. After three years of marriage, Meredith’s life has become predictable. Until the day she disappears.
Her car has been discovered in a grocery store parking lot—purse and phone undisturbed on the passenger seat, keys in the ignition, no sign of struggle, and no evidence of foul play. It’s as if she vanished into thin air.
It’s not like Meredith to simply abandon her loved ones. And no one in this town would have reason to harm her. When her desperate sister, Greer, arrives, she must face a disturbing question: What if no one really knows Meredith at all? For Greer, finding her sister isn’t going to be easy…because where she’s looking is going to get very, very dark.

The Thinnest Air Reviews

- Beaufort, SC
Thu, 07 Jun 2018

This was definitely a wonderful, fast paced thriller! I love the bond between Greer and her younger sister Meridith. the way she was bond and determined to find her. such interesting relationships in this book. Love, lust, obsession all come together and intertwine, affecting all of the key characters. I can't recommend this book enough!

- Madison, WI
Mon, 04 Jun 2018

I was kind of disappointed when we found out who the true “bad guy” was. I had hoped for something a little less cliche.
That being said I actually quite enjoyed this book. I liked the back and forth in time frame, and characters POV. That’s one of my favorite ways to read these thriller/suspense type books.
Like always, about the last 20% is my favorite as that’s when the action really picks up.
I wouldn’t hate having a novella to follow up this story! I’m drying to know what happens to a couple characters from here on out.

- Sheffield , The United Kingdom
Thu, 08 Feb 2018

This book is fantastic and I couldn't put it down once I started reading it.
I binge read it in an afternoon and even though I needed to know what had happened to Meredith I didn't want it to end.
The storyline flows really well and hooks you in from the beginning of the book and doesn't let you go till you read the end.
This book gave me a plethora of emotions that will stay with me for some time.
I'm so glad I found the very talented author Minka Kent as she's a refreshing talent in the suspense/thriller genre.
I'm usually pretty good at guessing plot twists but I will happily admit this one definitely kept me on my toes throughout.
I absolutely loved the love Greer had for her sister and the strength she had not to give up on getting her sister back.
That bond is unbreakable and was beautifully written.
This is a hard,gritty and intense book but you will absolutely love it and I highly recommend you one click this book as soon as you can.
I'm voluntarily reviewing an advanced reader copy of this book given to me by Netgalley.

- Lenexa, KS
Fri, 01 Jun 2018

Minka Kent's Best Novel Yet!
When I saw a book by Minka Kent was a Kindle First selection this month, I had to look no further. The choice was easy for me.
This is Ms. Kent's third novel and I have read all three. I thought this was a vast improvement over the first two. She has grown immensely as a writer and it is clear to me that she will continue to improve and write entertaining thrillers.
The Thinnest Air tells the story of Meredith, who has gone missing while she is in the middle of a troubling marriage to a wealthy, controlling, much older man. Her car is found at a grocery store parking lot with the key in the ignition and her cell and wallet. There is no sign of foul play. What could have happened? How does a woman simply vanish with no clues? It has to be the husband, right? The story alternates chapters from the point of view of Meredith and her sister, Greer who is desperately trying to find out what happened.
As an avid reader of suspense novels, this one kept me guessing. There were several different scenarios I imagined could have happened and I wasn't sure which one was correct until it was revealed. I will anxiously await the next novel from this author who is emerging as a leader in the thriller genre. Recommended.

- Omaha, NE
Fri, 01 Jun 2018

This was an easy Kindle First pick for me, as I read "The Perfect Roommate" by this author earlier this year and enjoyed it. I'm in the midst of reading "The Terror" by Dan Simmons and needed a break to read something lighter (though I'm not sure what it says about me that I consider a book about a missing woman who has possibly been murdered the lighter choice).
It's a fast paced book that's not overly long, I read this in an afternoon. Each chapter alternates the POV between sisters Meredith and Greer. Meredith's chapters begin when she's on her honeymoon. Meredith is young, married to a (wealthy) man old enough to be her father, and I found her kind of aimless and shallow. She takes to her new life as a rich trophy wife, but she's bored. She has no job, almost no friends, and over time her husband isn't as attentive as he was at the beginning. All that free time does not lead to the best decision making.
Greer's chapters begin the second day Meredith has gone missing. Greer is almost a decade older than her sister, and has pretty much raised her since their mother was pretty useless. She's direct, stoic, and dogged in her determination to find out what happened to Meredith. Greer and Meredith have always been close, but as Greer gets deeper into her sister's business, she realizes she doesn't know her as well as she thinks.
There are lots of secrets uncovered, some good twists, and I changed my mind as to who the villain was several times.