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Serial Killers Abridged

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Published 31 May 2014
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Format Kindle Edition
Publisher RJ Parker Publishing, Inc.

WARNING: Contains Graphic Crime Scene Photos
The ultimate reference for anyone compelled by the pathology and twisted minds behind the most disturbing of homicidal monsters. From A to Z, and from around the world, these serial killers have killed in excess of 3,000 innocent victims, affecting thousands of friends and family members. There are monsters in this book that you may not have heard of, but you won't forget them after reading their case. This reference book will make a great collection for true crime aficionados.
WARNING: There are 15 dramatic crime scene photos in this book that some may find extremely disturbing
Available in eBook, Paperback and Audiobook editions
"A compendium of 101 serial killers in "Reader's Digest" style. A recommended reference book of madmen and women"
--- Publisher's Weekly
"Serial Killers Encyclopedia is a treasure of depravity and a must for anyone who likes to read True Crime and the darkest side of the subject. The book gives you plenty of detail upon each the Serial Killers including dates, victims,and the outcome of each case. The word count on each case is perfect for spurt reading that is if you can put it down without going into the next case. No wasted fluff in the writing just right to the facts. As a bonus you also get an extra write-up from JJ Slate contributing to the 101 Serial Killer so you get a taste of her very impressive style of writing for her new book Missing Wives, Missing Lives"
--- Kipp Poe Speicher Amazon Vine Reviewer
"Here's a chilling and engrossing collection of killers, presented with no nonsense.
Perfect for a True Grue Crime fix!"
--- David Bischoff NYT Bestselling Author of over 80 books
There are 101 stories in this book. The last chapter is on the Long Island Serial Killer written by Jennifer J Slate
"A good read; great reference tool for true crime book addicts and contains just the facts, no glitter, no embellishments, just facts on 101 serial killers."
--- Serial Killers Magazine

Serial Killers Abridged Reviews

heather king
- The United States
Tue, 11 Aug 2015

Good read
Because it was short stories,it kept it easy to put down when needed, but eager to pick back up and continue on.

- The United States
Thu, 01 May 2014

This is not a book for someone who does not like short works or compendiums. But if you want to now want to know what evil can walk among us unknown and what the warpped mind of a serial killer can do to many victims and families then this book will give you that information. This book has 100 killers and tells you the main idea of their killings and what their was sentencing was. As with all of RJ Parker's works this one is well researched and full of information on the serial killers within the pages.

- Boyceville, WI
Thu, 04 Dec 2014

ENJOYED THIS BOOK! Highly recommend it to anyone interested in true crime, 306 pages filled with 100 short stories (a few pages each). Very interesting because most of the crimes took place many, many years ago, and the more recent crimes had some info I hadn’t heard before. The picture selection is very graphic so DO NOT just flip through the book without preparing yourself first (like I did!) In the paperback edition the pictures start on page 291.

Fri, 19 Dec 2014

Full review at The Crime Cove Book Review Blog
This is a great book for someone new to true crime or someone who prefers short works and compendiums. If you want to know the gist of the crimes of the most depraved serial killers in history, then this book will give you that information. Included are 100 serial killer cases recounting the main facts of their horrific deeds and their sentencing.
As with all of RJ Parker's works, this one is well researched and full of information. In spite of the short style of each case, the author does a spectacular job at retelling the events in a factual, objective and succinct manner.
Highly recommend this one to fans of True Crime new and old.

- Manchester, SK3 8UL, The United Kingdom
Thu, 03 May 2018

Got this as a free download from Kindle Prime and was so disappointed in it. I read about a third of this book and had to abandon it because it was so badly written. The grammar is often appalling and I don’t know how it got through proof-reading or editing. It’s a compendium of short, couple of pages, descriptions of serial killers both recent and in the past. However, the fascinating subject matter has been rendered stale and uninteresting by the flat writing.

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