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Into the Water

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Published 01 May 2018
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Format Paperback
Publisher Riverhead Books
ISBN 0735211221

An addictive new novel of psychological suspense from the author of #1 New York Times bestseller and global phenomenon The Girl on the Train. The perfect gift for Mother's Day.
"Hawkins is at the forefront of a group of female authors--think Gillian Flynn and Megan Abbott--who have reinvigorated the literary suspense novel by tapping a rich vein of psychological menace and social unease... there's a certain solace to a dark escape, in the promise of submerged truths coming to light." --Vogue
A single mother turns up dead at the bottom of the river that runs through town. Earlier in the summer, a vulnerable teenage girl met the same fate. They are not the first women lost to these dark waters, but their deaths disturb the river and its history, dredging up secrets long submerged.
Left behind is a lonely fifteen-year-old girl. Parentless and friendless, she now finds herself in the care of her mother's sister, a fearful stranger who has been dragged back to the place she deliberately ran from--a place to which she vowed she'd never return.
With the same propulsive writing and acute understanding of human instincts that captivated millions of readers around the world in her explosive debut thriller, The Girl on the Train, Paula Hawkins delivers an urgent, twisting, deeply satisfying read that hinges on the deceptiveness of emotion and memory, as well as the devastating ways that the past can reach a long arm into the present.
Beware a calm surface--you never know what lies beneath.

Into the Water Reviews

- New York, NY
Sat, 08 Apr 2017

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This book was, unfortunately, a disappointment to me. Convoluted plotting, WAY too many characters to keep track of, and an overall lack of suspense made for a less than engaging read. I'm sure many readers will enjoy this one, but if you're looking for a psychological thriller with the addictive pacing & shocking plot twists of THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN, I wouldn't recommend this one.

- The United Kingdom
Tue, 04 Apr 2017

* Thank you to for my ARC for which I have given an honest review*
Nel Abbot was found dead in the river, just a few short months after the death of her daughter's best friend Katie in similar circumstances. Nel had lived in Mill House by the river her entire life, and most of her memories pretty much revolved around this dark and forbidding body of water, particularly 'The Drowning Pool'. It's a place of secrets, mysteries and witchcraft. Nel was completely obsessed with stories of 'troublesome' women who had lost their lives in the 'Drowning Pool' including a 14 year old girl pronounced as a witch during the Witchfinder Trials in the seventeenth century.
Nel leaves behind a daughter, (15 year old Lena) who appears to harbour secrets of her own, and she's just one of many in this small town of Beckford. It's a small town with big secrets.
The tragedy brings Nel's sister Jules back to the place she swore she'd never return to. She's Lena's only family now, but they've never met and relations between the two are somewhat strained to say the least.
The narrative is told from many viewpoints, with each chapter being devoted to a different character. I particularly enjoyed the way this worked, as it gave each character plenty of depth. The fact that they were bite sized chapters too, was an added bonus.
There was something of a slow start, but not enough to spoil my enjoyment of it, as the hints at witchcraft and mysteries, and where this story was actually going, really kept me gripped. There's a sinister air throughout, with unknown voices and footsteps on creaking floorboards in the dead of night. There are lots of threads to the storyline, lots of frayed edges, but Paula Hawkins pulls them all together to create a fascinating read.

- The United States
Sat, 03 Jun 2017

Into the Water by Paula Hawkins is a 2017 Riverhead Books publication.
‘No one wanted to think about the fact that the water in that river was infected with the blood and bile of persecuted women, unhappy women; they drank in every day.’
The river has a history of claiming women, but no one would have thought they'd fish Nel Abbott out of its depths. When Nel's body is recovered, her estranged sister, Jules, returns home to identify her sister's remains, and to take care of her niece, Lena.
As Jules struggles with her emotions, and tries to reach out to a very angry and troubled, Lena, she searches for clues about her sister’s death. Was it an accident, a suicide or murder?
Irrevocably connected to Nel’s death, is the death of Lena’s best friend, a suicide victim, also claimed by the river, which has left the community on edge.
Are the two deaths connected? If so, how?
I was warned, repeatedly, this book was not, I repeat, NOT at all like TGOTT. Okay. That is very, very good to know, and if you are planning on reading this book, you will be glad you were forewarned.
I was prepared before I read the first paragraph, but, despite all those dire predictions, I really did want to keep an open mind.
If anyone was capable of maintaining a reasonable perspective, I figured it might be me, because while the world went gaga over ‘The Girl on the Train’, I was cooling my heels waiting for a copy of the book at the library. When I finally got my hands on a copy, I was perplexed.
The book was good, really good. But, I’ve read many books that were at the very least on par with ‘TGOTT’. I couldn’t figure out what it was about THAT book that had bowled everyone over. The best part of its success, for me, was that it seemed to spawn a renewed interest in the psychological thriller category, and gave the genre a fresh perspective and long overdue makeover. This past year, alone, there were a slew of wildly entertaining debut thrillers, but I had to be careful not to overindulge for fear of burning myself out. Too much of good thing and all that.
But, I regress. My point is, TGOTT was above average, and was a catalyst for many other wonderful books brought to press, but it was not THAT great, in my opinion, so my expectations were not unreasonably high to start off with, but I was still curious to see how the author responded to all that hype with the publication of her second novel.
At first, it did seem as though all those dire predictions were coming true. The first part of the book was pretty messy, and almost mind numbingly boring. There are entirely too many characters, all with their own first person perspective, which was a very bad idea.
The setting, with old legends, and superstitions, passed down about the river, did help to create a gloomy and edgy atmosphere, but it wasn't enough to promote any sense of urgency or impending doom. If fact, most seasoned mystery/thriller readers will probably have no trouble piecing together the string of events without even breaking a sweat.
By the time I finally nailed down all the characters and what role they played, the book did begin to gel and the plot finally started to thicken and I finally started to sink my teeth into it a little.
The second half of the book finally begins to bring everything together and the story does have some merits. It’s not a pretty delivery by any means, but it is worth sticking around for, just to see how it all comes together, or to see if justice is served at long last, or if the river will win out in the end.
Sometimes when a book achieves a pinnacle of success, it’s almost impossible for an author to replicate it. The insurmountable pressure to match that success must be unnerving, to say the least. Also, we all know publishers can add pressure too, by pushing for more too quickly, in hopes of cashing in on that momentum. Sometimes the desire to milk the cash cow, takes precedence over the artistic license of the author, who is pressured to turn something over before they are comfortable with it. I can’t say that is what happened here, but the book did feel like it had been rushed into publication without the full spit and polish. Whoever allowed it to be published with all those POV's should be ashamed.
I really do not enjoy, or like. to judge too hashly, but, as much as I had hoped the naysayers were wrong, I must agree this book has some serious flaws. But, I do wonder if we would have been so unforgiving if this were an unknown author, who had not just risen to superstar status practically overnight?
2.5 stars

- New York, NY
Tue, 07 Mar 2017

Into the Water by Paula Hawkins was the book selected by my blog followers as my Book Bucket read for January 2018. Each month, I hold a poll where you can pick from 12 books I want to read, rotating a new one in and out each month. I was excited to read this one, but hadn’t read Girl on the Train before, so Hawkins is a new author for me. I enjoyed the book a great deal, despite a few areas that didn’t quite work for me, but I’d still recommend it to others as a strong thriller and suspense novel.
The novel focuses on a small town in England, following a core set of about 10 characters. Chapters alternate to provide the history and perspective of multiple deaths by drowning in a local river. It all begins with the death of a suspected witch from several hundred years earlier, culminating with a few deaths in modern times that could be suicide, accidental or murder. As each character shares parts of the story, readers learn what truly happened to each victim.
Ignoring the historical murders, the current day plot is intricate. Several teenagers fight to be popular or earn respect while in high school. Sisters struggle to accept their differences with one another. Parents and children argue about parenting styles. Families are broken by affairs. Police detectives walk a fine line of doing the right versus the wrong thing. Each of the stories are weaved together in a way you can’t help but want to know all the connections. And there is, of course a ‘surprise’ twist in the end… which for many readers, probably won’t be a surprise.
I’m primarily a plot reader, followed closely by character. The plot is definitely strong; however, at least 50% of the characters have some flaws or issues in how they were written. Keeping characters in the grey zone is important within a suspense novel; readers need to know that they might be missing part of the picture, but in the end, it should be clearer than it was in this book. For 3 characters, I felt like the actions didn’t quite match what we’d come to expect from the personalities we’d gotten to know – and it wasn’t due to the grey area. It felt like a totally new character had replaced the ones we’d spent attaching ourselves to. If there are connections we just failed to see because of how good the writing is, then I am OK with it. But if it feels disconnected, then I think the book fails a bit. That’s what I felt happened here… what started out as a 4.5 rating began going south as parts of the plot unraveled. It was clear the entire way that something wasn’t right with a certain character, yet the twist in the end doesn’t do any justice to ‘why’ certain things happened.
All that said… as I kept turning the page, my interest was held and I liked many aspects of the book. I lowered my rating by 1 star because of how it seemed to fall apart in the end… ending somewhere between a 3.5 and a 3.75, rounded up to a 4 in the rating. I’ll keep reading Hawkins’ novels, but if another has a similar downturn, I might not stick with it.

- Alexandria, 06, Egypt
Tue, 02 May 2017

لصوت جريان مياة النهر سحر
مريح..أو مثير للقلق
قد يجذبك لأعماقه للراحة من ماض قاس، أو يدفعك أحدهم للتخلص من اضطرابه الخاص
ومؤلفة 'فتاة القطار' تعود بقصة اكثر نضجا، بعشر شخصيات مختلفة
في قصة عن النهر، الماضي، الذكريات..واضطهاد المرأة
A Small Town by the River, 10 Characters' Perspectives; of One recent 'Into The Water' Death; that rippled a River of other Past tragic Memories.
** The Story ** القصة **

"النهر يمكنه أن يرجع للماضي ويجلبه كله ويبصقه علي حوافه ليراه الجميع..ولكن البشر لا يمكنهم"
"The River can go back over the past and bring it all up and and spit it out on the banks in full view of everyone, but people can't."
It's simple, they found her in the water... she jumped...
But a hell of past history of persecution against women comes upon this small town... as if the river decided to bring this past and spit it with Nel's body..
From Witch ordeal trials, to blame girls & women of men's infidelity.

With a depressing tangled story about Women, Sisters and friends, Mothers and Daughters, Love and affairs, Memories and Tales..
And .. Forgiveness.
القصة هذه المرة قد تظهر بسيطة ، جثة أمرأة وجدت علي جانب النهر ، الأمر واضح، أنها قفزت..أنتحرت
لقد كانت مهووسة بتاريخ الغارقات في "بركة الغرق" تلك ، سواء كجريمة أضطهاد ضد المرأة كما هو الحال منذ قديم الازل ، منذ محاكمة الساحرات، او أنتحارا كما يحدث لليائسات في كل زمان
ولكن النهر كما لفظ جثة نيل ، لفظ ايضا الماضي...المثير للمشاكل ...الذي دفن باعماق النهر كالغارقات فيه
وجولز، أخت نيل ، وجدت نفسها تعود لتلك البلدة الصغيرة بيكفورد لتعتني بأبنة أختها المراهقة "لينا" برغم من الماضي المعقد بين الاختين...بل بين جولز نفسها والنهر
لتكتشف سر عداء اغلب اهل البلدة لاختها...لانها كانت تنبش في نهر الذكريات، تبحث عن قصص الغارقات فيه اليائسات
ومن خلال وجهة نظر 10 شخصيات مختلفة ، رجال ونساء، نكتشف أسرار حوادث الغرق المؤخرة ، وماضي البلدة واهلها
في قصة عن المرأة والاضطهاد ... في قصة عن الماضي والذكريات
قصة عن الاخت وعن الام وعن الابنة
قصة عن الماضي وخيانة الذاكرة
قصة عن التسامح
لتقدم المؤلفة هذه المرة قصة اكثر نضجا وتشابك من فتاة القطار بكثير ، تعدد الشخصيات بها وتعدد القصص منحها اثارة أكثر وقلل من مساحة الرتابة او الملل الذي شعرت به في بعض اجزاء رواياتها الاولي

Paula Hawkins did a great work this time, much better I guess from The Girl on the Train.. here's there's more going on, tangled characters' history.. many possible suspects , even if I predict it by the second half, It kept surprising me with twists, till the very end..
The writing style was still -as I loved in TGOTT- sad and depressing, and the story has heart breaking scenes and strong characters confrontations..
Speaking of characters;
** The Characters Craze ** الشخصيات **
The 10 Characters perspectives -add to that chapters by the dead character's own written book- was a crazy idea , I was like; that's 3 more characters than A Game of Thrones, in even half the pages count..

But it turned out perfect... more than perfect, they may seems all different, even some of them unnecessary at the beginning.. but deeper you get 'Into The Water', the more you realise they're not-that-different characters.. and everyone have an important role in the whole mystery.
Yet, I loved Jules character so much since the beginning, her hard complicated past with her sister, the river..and men.

- I cast her as Bree from Desperate Housewives, I don't know why she reminded me strongly with her... -
Just as Rachel in TGOTT, I felt sad and care much for this character despite her sad depressing feelings and even her faults..
Jules chapters also written very uniquely and smart...all the time her perspective is she's telling what's happening as if she's talking to her dead sister..
That was really heartbreaking...with all the twists happening.
And why I said it's not-so-different-characters? , cause every perspective has its own haunting dead loved/or hated one..
, the teenage daughter's who lost her very best friend and mother in the same month.. her scene with Louise -her best friend's Mother- was a great well written one.
Sean Townsend, the police and his father Patrick,and wife Helen, and their complicated past, since Sean lost his mother when he was so young...and his 'affair' recently.
And Erin, his partner in the case of Nel's death, she also suffer a troubled past.
-thoughI feel she's a bit the weakest character here-
Nikie, the old town's hag, she also speaks to the deads... but not metaphorically, she's a witch descendent, her grand grandmother the first to be drowned in the river in Witches Ordeal Trials..

I really loved the mystery, this puzzle game where every character seems to hide something... and chapter by chapter the picture get clearer...some mysteries reveals. if the river really brings everything from the past.. from deep into te spit it by the end..

[spoilers removed]

أجمل ما في الشخصيات انه برغم كثرتهم ، 10 شخصيات، ألا ان هناك خيوط تربطهم كلهم معا ، هناك بعض التشابهة بينهم
كلهم لهم من فقدوه في النهر، لهم حادث ما يجمعهم
حرصت المؤلفة ان تزيد من جرعة الغموض في بدايات كل منهم لدرجة انك في البداية ستشعر انه لا لزوم لكثرة الفصول من وجهات النظر المختلفة
لكن بعد الربع الاول وعندما تبدا المواجهات ستجد ان كل شخصية لها دور مهم
كل غموض مرتبط بالاخر ومرتبط ايضا بالصورة الكبري
شخصية جولز ، اخت نيل، هي المحببة الي قلبي، مرة اخري تنجح المؤلفة في كتابة شخصية البطلة بشكل يجعلك تتعاطف معها وتتوحد معها رغم عيوبها وضعف شخصيتها ... بالظبط كما فعلت مع ريتشل في القطار
كما ان المواجهات بين الشخصيات مكتوبة بشكل ممتاز ، لينا -ابنه نيل- سواء مع ام اعز صديقاتها -التي غرقت ايضا- او مع المدرس الذي كان يحبها ، وبالطبع مع جولز ، خالتها التي مجبرة الان ان تعيش معها...كل هذا جاء ممتازا

التشابك بين الشخصيات وجو البلدة الصغيرة علي النهر، بل وتيمة المسئولية ولو كانت هنا موجودة بشمل بسيط ذكرتني كثيرا برواية جي كي رولينج المنصب الشاغر مع فارق الحكاية طبعا
All this tangled characters, also with the small town by the river 'Beckford's setting ,reminded me heavily with J.K. Rowling's 'Pagford'.. in The Casual Vacancy
Small Town, One Death, Many tangled Characters, River, Responsibilities... but of course much different kind of story.
** The Verdict ** النهاية **

عندما شككنا ان فتاة القطار ضربة حظ من المؤلفة ، حاولت اثبات نفسها بكتابة قصة اكثر تعقيدا وتشابكا واثارة
قد تتنبا مرة اخري بالنهاية بمنتصف الاحداث لكنك ستظل تفاجا حتي النهاية
اذا اعجبتك فتاة القطار او شعرت بشئ من التعاطف تجاه شخصيتها فبالتأكيد ستعجبك جولز هنا وبعض الشخصيات
واعتقد انك ستحظي بنهاية مرضية هنا ايضا
[spoilers removed]
Since we thought The Girl on the Train is just a fluke, a one time big hit... Here is a certain deal that the author really can make a good story. And she got it in making characters you can feel them and care for them.
Adding a very little bit of magic into the mystery was good, just to serve the theme of the persecution against women... The Troublemakers...
So, It's a hot, and hot summer needs a cool reads.. so get; Into The Water. ,It's really worth it.
Mohammed Arabey
"During the Mystery & Thriller week here @Goodreads"
From 1st May 2017
To 7 May 2017