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Extraordinary Jane

4.07970 votes • 194 reviews
Published 06 Feb 2014
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Format Hardcover
Publisher Dial Books
ISBN 0803739141

For anyone with a beloved pet, this delightful and heartwarming story set at the circus shows that quiet qualities like friendship, kindness, and loyalty are important and worthy.
Jane is an ordinary dog in an extraordinary circus. She isn't strong, graceful, or brave like her family. When she tries to be those things, Jane just doesn't feel like herself, but she also doesn't feel special. Is she really meant for this kind of life? Her Ringmaster thinks so, but not for the reasons Jane believes.
Ordinary can be extraordinary!

Extraordinary Jane Reviews

- Sapulpa, OK
Sun, 30 Jul 2017

Great book about finding the good in people (or dog in this case!) Again, Harrison's ilustrations are beautiful and charming, and littles will be drawn into them.

- Laurel, MD
Fri, 18 Aug 2017

Extraordinary Jane is a picture book for kids between 7-12. This book is about small dog, born into a circus family, that doesn’t seem to have any special talents. She tries out many jobs, but always ends up messing something up. In the end, she gets her own show: Jane, a very good dog. This book is very clearly about how it’s okay to be normal and to not be especially pretty, or clever, or talented at anything in particular. Both the thematic choice and the element of wondrous, silly illustrations leads me to think that this book would be great for kids aged 7-12, because that is the time when may children are comparing themselves to their peers and working closely with kids of other abilities all day at school. They are also young enough, however, to appreciate the humor in the pictures. Children of this age often compare themselves to others and begin to feel inferior. This book has an important message for these children, because not everyone can be great at everything, or really anything. However, this is also an age at which people are able to be reasoned with and influenced with logic and rationality. This book uses logical ideas to influence kids that it is okay not to be different or super special. I think that many students would also enjoy the fun illustrations of tight-roping dogs and twirling elephants.

- Gallatin, TN
Sat, 02 Aug 2014

Absolutely beautiful!

Mon, 03 Jul 2017

This book made us giggle.

- The United States
Wed, 13 Dec 2017

Both humorous and heartwarming. But do children even know what a circus is, irl, anymore? I've never taken my kids to one; don't think I've even ever had a chance. I do want more by author/ illustrator, esp. the art.

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