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Going Dutch

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Published 27 Mar 2007
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Format Hardcover
Publisher Century
ISBN 184605088X

When Jo’s husband ditches her, and Dora ditches her fiancé, both women find themselves living on a barge on the Thames where they must learn to navigate their way around new relationships. They quickly learn the value of friendship and a fresh start.

Going Dutch Reviews

- The United States
Sun, 26 Nov 2017

This book features two romances about equally. Jo's longtime husband recently dumped her for a younger woman. Dora recently dumped her boring fiance right before their wedding. Needing to escape her meddling mother, Dora's best friend convinces her to live with her mother -- Jo -- on a barge outside of London.
Dora and Jo get along fine on the barge and quickly get involved with a number of the barging community. Eventually new men come into both Jo and Dora's lives, but the romance is for the most part pretty light.
I found parts of living on the barge interesting. I had some problems with both of the heroines. Dora is young, and came across as rather immature at times. I found Jo much more interesting, although she's a bit obsessed menopause (she's positive it's going to spring at any moment).
I would give this a B-, so four stars here.

- The United Kingdom
Fri, 09 Sep 2011

I read and reviewed on Bookcrossing in 2008
Katie Fforde is in my opinion one of the better writers of ‘chick lit’ This is her thirteenth novel and I admit to having read most of them, as her writing has always been enjoyable when I feel the need for some romantic escapism. However I was disappointed with this one as it even lacked a plot just a typical theme, take two very different women Jo and Dora, both sworn off men until they fall for the charms of Marcus and Tom. Neither of the romances felt convincing either, just all rather predictable. I also found more than a few of the comments and use of words irritating such as the over use of ‘perimenopausal’ I think we got the message. As for the description on p114 when Dora was changing for the karaoke did we really need to know about ‘stray armpit hair’ surely quite irrelevant?
The most interesting parts were those about the barge Jo and Dora lived on ‘The Three Sisters’, most especially when it was sailed to Holland.
A pleasant enough read for an afternoon in the sun but not one of Katie Fforde’s best, as once again lacking some of the spark of her earlier novels. I have mentioned this fact before in my review of ‘Practically Perfect’ last year.
Maybe I am just outgrowing Katie Fforde, I hope not as I have been reading and enjoying her books since she was first published in 1995.
One last point to be aware of is that the ending comes sooner than expected. Due to the dire habit of the publisher treating us to an extract of the author's next novel. A fairly new practice that personally I find particularly irritating.

- Lakenheath, N5, The United Kingdom
Mon, 06 Mar 2017

Did not like it at all!. Abandoned after a third as jut wasn't going anywhere

- The United Kingdom
Fri, 20 Oct 2017

Wow! I read a lot of Katie Fforde books- but this one was awful! So boring! I did persevere, just because I don't like giving up on books- and the end was just as I predicted. Waste of time!

- Gloucester, E6, The United Kingdom
Wed, 05 Jul 2017

I'm usually not a fan of chick lit, but I so enjoyed this! Perhaps it was the food and drink and general fun. A perfect read in the hairdressers!

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