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Husband Hunting 101

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Published 02 Dec 2011
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Publisher Beachside Reads

Avoid commitaphobics!
That is Jenna Barrett’s number one rule in her search for a husband. So why is she so attracted to the sexy advertising executive she’s hired to design a new ad campaign for her lingerie store?
Zachary West knows all the ploys women use to trap a man into marriage and he is not falling for any of them. Worse, Jenna Barrett has made no bones about the fact that she’s on a full-fledge husband hunt – she’s taking a class called How To Get Married Within a Year!
Sure, he can’t seem to stop fantasizing about the sexy redhead modeling the sheer teddies she sells.
But when images of the beguiling woman in a wedding gown and a long white veil taunt him, he knows he’s in big trouble!
Will he be able to overcome his panic attacks at the mention of the M word, or will Jenna have to continue her husband hunt – without him

Husband Hunting 101 Reviews

Black Butterfly
- Pittsburgh, PA
Mon, 13 May 2013


- The United States
Sat, 30 May 2015

When A Commitmentphob Falls For A Woman Set On Marriage And Nothing Less, You Get . . .
This is a story filled with romance and relationships revolving around the subject of marriage. It explores the fears and the lengths a woman will go to find the right man to walk down the isle with. The story goes from a male character trying to run from marriage to the viewpoint of a woman who hopes for that family dream. Rita Herron writes an easy romance with comedy that is relatable and contemporary without being overtly lewd.
Jenna Barrett is a single twenty-seven year old woman who knows her biological clock is ticking. Now that her lingerie story, Love 'N Lace, is doing well. Jenna decides to focus on her love life, especially since her friends all seem to be matched up and having babies. Jenna even signed up for a class to learn how to improve her chances in husband hunting. However there's a glitch in all her forward plans to find a husband and his name is Zachary West. Zach is attracted to Jenna and she to him, but he plans to never marry. In fact, he literally gets sick to the point of fainting when he even tries saying the 'C' word of commitment. Jenna would love to let go of Zach since he is obviously not in the running for husband material, but Zach won't let her forget him, especially since he's designing new advertising for her store. With them working so closely things heat up and their personal fears are revealed, but in the end will Zack's fear of commitment kill any chances of him being the man for Jenna?
Overall, loved this book. It's a great balance of romance and story development with some funny moments. Zach's afraid of taking the marriage plunge and reading about his struggles through it are frustrating at first, but you grow to hope he gets over his marriage fears especially for Jenna's sake. Jenna is a strong female character who knows what she wants and isn't going to compromise to get to her goal, which is a family. She knows her worth and believes she deserves her happy ending. All woman should keep that mindset and not settle for a toad when a prince is out there for them. So if you're looking for a story with a couple who has hot chemistry, but two different ideas of a happy ending and have to figure out what kind of relationship that leaves them with, then this book is a good book to read.
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- Wilmington, NC
Wed, 09 May 2012

It was a cute read. Cute? It was free ,I read it in 1 day."A tiny drop of chocolate lingered in the corner of her mouth,and he wiped it away with one finger.He broutht the tip of his finger to his own mouth and licked it off,and their eyes locked, tension rippling between them.Then her lips parted on a soft sigh, and he was sunk. If it wasn`t an invitation,it was at least a silent moment of surrender.He pulled her into his arms and claimed her mouth with his own."Pretty hot that was yea Zack was pretty hot!

- Slidell, LA
Wed, 19 Feb 2014

This was a fun read, if you like the familiar format of a classic romance, which is just what I was in the mood for, despite the predictability. I think the heroine's age didn't quite fit with her shop owner persona and "biological clock," and the hero's massive psychological hang-up didn't quite jive with common sense and what was given by the author to be his reason for being such a "commitmentaphobe," but, was cute and a quick read. And free!

- Egg Harbor Township, NJ
Thu, 31 May 2012

I do not know why I continue to torture myself with reading shitty romance novels. Because this book is exactly like every other romance novel ever. Here's my summary:
Jenna: Oooo... I'm only 27 but my biological clock is ticking! I have to find a husband!
Zack: I just wanna sleep around. Committment = panic attacks.
Jenna: Zack is so dreamy, too bad he doesn't want to get married.
Zack: I can't stop thinking about how HAWT Jenna is. Let me draw her naked, even though we aren't intimate.
Jenna: He kisses so well, I just can't think about any other men. Le sigh. I'm falling for him.
Zack: I can't stand the thought of her being with someone else. Maybe I have feelings for her.
Jenna: Oh, I'll just sleep with him once and that will SHOW him I love him.
Zack: Hmm, that sex was mind blowing. I'd like to see her again.
Jenna: What? Sex didn't make him love me? I guess I'll start trying to date. No one will ever compare to this man who doesn't care about me but is terrific in the sack.
Zack: How dare you not be where I want you to be when I want you to be there. You are having dinner with another man? NO. Just fucking no. Come out with me tomorrow and everything will be perfect.
Jenna: Le sigh. One date. Maybe he will change and we'll get married.
Zack: Of course I changed. Let's get married!
I mean, come on, right? You have got to be fucking kidding me here. No? You aren't kidding? This is really what you think ROMANCE IS? No, no, no. There are girls like Jenna, particularly in the south. But you know what? Those girls are husband hunting in college and by the time they are in their senior year they have a fucking engagement ring and a candle ceremony with their sorority. The type of girl who is hell bent on being married and starting a family by a certain time in her life is ruthless in her pursuit of marriage and she doesn't wait until she's 27 to start.
Also, why is every romance heroine, ever, innocent? Do these authors really think men only like the innocent type? Because I've met lots of men and its only the super creepy and terrifying ones who give two shits about a woman's lack of experience in love. My best advice is: if a man wants to know how many other men you've been with you should run away. You are an adult and you have a past. His questions should be more of the lets go get tested and be cautious type. Further, how many commitment-phobic men are there out there in the world? Because if you read romance novels, its apparently ALL of them. Men aren't idiots, and they aren't emotionally stunted. Most men are open to the idea of meeting the person of their dreams and settling down, even if they aren't looking for it at this moment. In my life I've met maybe 2 men who were afraid of commitment and 1 of those wasn't really afraid of commitment, he just didn't want to commit to me. Let's be fucking honest, here. If a man is "afraid of commitment", he just doesn't want to commit to YOU! And if you don't believe me, please stop reading my review and go read He's Just Not That Into You: The No-Excuses Truth to Understanding Guys.
Romance novels are possibly the least romantic things on the planet. There is nothing romantic about someone proposing to you on the third date. Argue all you want, but LOVE doesn't happen in three dates. Lust does. Liking someone does. And a proposal where the dude is having a panic attack and is chowing down on antacids is NOT FUCKING ROMANTIC. He clearly doesn't want to get married, you've just pressured him into it. You know what's romantic? A man getting up early and clearing your car off for you so you don't have to. A man making you breakfast in the morning because you are running late and he knows you have a big day. A man meeting your friends and making room for you with his friends and family. A man who misses you when you have a girls night out. A man who sits in the waiting room at the ED with you when someone you love has an accident. A man who is honest with you about his feelings and doesn't play games with your emotions. NONE OF THIS EVER MAKES IT INTO ROMANCE NOVELS. EVER.
And forget about the sex in romance novels. Seriously, its awkward (much like that word) and there is always not enough between making out and vaginal penetration. And then they have sex like 42 times in one night. I mean, really. What functional adult has sex 42 times in a sober night when they have to get up and go to work in the morning. Most dudes would need a bit of "help" to make that happen and after a while the vag just can't take that kind of friction. And what kind of "mind blowing sex" doesn't involve her having multiple orgasms? Who are these people who have simultaneous orgasms the first time they have sex?
Sex in romance novels is just weird and uncomfortable. Either you are an erotic novel or you aren't. And clearly you are uncomfortable with your kinkiness so you are NOT and erotic novel. In this case you should just not try so hard. They had sex. They enjoyed it. No need to draw it out and have the world see how terrible your idea of great sex is. Frankly, you should be spending your time on character development and building a relationship that I can actually fantasize about.
What are you waiting for, romance novelists? Go get on that. You're welcome.

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