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It's a Green Thing (Diary of a Teenage Girl: Maya, #2)

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Published 17 Feb 2009
It's a Green Thing (Diary of a Teenage Girl: Maya, #2).pdf
Format Paperback
Publisher Multnomah
ISBN 1601421184

For the first time that she can remember, Maya Stark is beginning to feel like a “normal†teenager. Even with her mother in jail for drug possession and her pop-star father away on his comeback tour, Maya’s new life with her uncle Allen and cousin Kim is coming together. Summer vacation’s just beginning, and with a new job, a new boyfriend, and a new car (hybrid, of course), things are finally starting to look up.
But that doesn’t mean life is about to get any easier. Maya’s still devoted to living Green, and her uncle offers her a Green column in his newspaper. With the opportunity to make a difference in the town’s attitude toward the environment, Maya wonders how this fits with her newfound commitment to Christ. And if she can really consider herself a Christian when her feelings toward a fellow youth group member are anything but loving…

It's a Green Thing (Diary of a Teenage Girl: Maya, #2) Reviews

- Rhinelander, WI
Wed, 24 Jan 2018

I love these books. I especially liked this book and her talks with Catlin.
Also, when I finished this book I found out that all the Diary of a Teenage Girl books are connected: Catlin to Chole to Kim to Mya. Haha, oops. Oh well. I figure I'll finish this series and then go back to Catlin.
Melody does such a good job of including God and real struggles into her book, yet they are unique struggles too. I don't really know what to say about this book other than that it was amazing.
Violence: none. Brooke falls off a platform but that's not really violence. Marissa is in the hospital for a while at one point, but it isn't graphic or anything.
Also: there is some kissing, but it's something that Mya struggles with and it's not described in detail. (one thing, there is mention of sex, but that's all. And it didn't actually happen. They were just talking about preventing it)
I highly suggest this book, and I think you should definitely read it. (Only, you should start from the beginning with the Catlin books (; your mistake is not mine)
Lastly: if you are under 14 you shouldn't read this book without asking your parents. It does mention several things your parents may not want you to read about...

- Madison, WI
Tue, 23 Jun 2009

This was a good book - I am so glad Maya's life is turing out better than in book one :). The green tips still kind of grate on my nerves, but a fun, easy read. And, like the other books in this series, hard issues are tackled liked pre-marital sex and drawing boundaries.
And it brings back characters from previous Diary of a Teenage Girl series, which I always enjoy.

Kirsten R.
- The United States
Thu, 23 Apr 2015

I did enjoy this book and I want to read the next book in the series. As a teenager I had read all of the other The Diary of a Teenage Girl books and they really changed my life. Now at the age of 23, this book did not have the same affect on me as I believe it would have if I would have read it at age 14-16. Overall, I would recommend this book, I just wish I would have connected with the book more.

- Sierra Vista, AZ
Sat, 27 Dec 2008

This story was totally amazing. I'd had this book laying around and thought I'd give it a try. I didn't know when I started reading it that I'd absolutely love the story. It's not just about recycling. It's more about how God can take the junk in our lives and make something good come from it. I recycled in the 1980s in NY when I lived there, and when I lived in Phoenix in the 1990s, but where I live now there is no such thing. Sigh.
Regardless, I didn't think the theme of the book sounded all that amazing when I first picked it up. But when I started reading I realized it was about so much more than recycling. If I were a teen and a new Christian, I would treasure this book. There are so many good conversations about subjects that new Christians and teens would appreciate, from boys to pressure to what forgiveness looks like and how Christians are flawed, etc. just like the rest of the world.
It's a Green Thing is a theologically sound novel and I ended up being very inspired by it. I read this book first even though it's second in a series, and now I want to go back and read the first book. I was thrilled to discover that I actually had it on my shelf. Too bad I didn't notice that before I started this one. Ah, well. I'm still glad I read it. The story even made me cry toward the end. But it was a good, inspiring kind of emotion. I highly recommend this book. Oh, and there are some great recycling tips in there, too.

- Brooklyn, NY
Wed, 15 Jun 2011

I saw this book on the shelf a few times before I actually picked it up and am so glad I did! Christian fiction can be really corny and mediocre at times but there are a few gems that I have enjoyed! I love all the green tips that Maya shares after each chapter/journal entry. I even began posting some of them on Facebook =) I just may go looking for the other books in the series. You don't need to read them in order though, unless you're very strict about that yourself lol

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